How Atlyss Food Co. Meal Service Works
Farms We Support

Sustainability is the mission of our company. 

Sourcing from local farmers and purveyors ensures that our customers are receiving the most nutrient dense and delicious food, directly to their doors. 

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Atlyss Experiences

At Atlyss, we do more than delivery.

If you’re looking for high-quality, delicious, and stress-free catering, our team is happy to help.

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Kind Words About Us

If you’re looking for healthy, delicious meal delivery service, Atlyss Food Co is it. The food is always fresh, yummy, perfectly portioned and delivered in sustainable, recyclable and compostable packaging. They use a lot of local, seasonally available ingredients so you feel good about supporting South Carolina farms while noshing on wholesome, nutritious meals. The menu has permanent fridge staple essentials such as dressings, dips and healthy desserts as well as new weekly rotations which makes it exciting to order every time! I’m looking forward to my weekly delivery when I don’t have to cook dinner and just relax with a plate full of local goodness!

Elina M

The food is always delicious and no matter the food preference everyone in my family loves this, including my 3 year old and 10 month old. We love ordering from this service especially on nights when we need something healthy and easy to prepare for dinner.

Kirsten D

I Order weekly! Incredibly delicious food that is delivered to my door that feeds my entire family. I very much look forward to Saturday afternoons when the new menu launches as I can’t wait to see what new dishes are available. Don’t skip on the Italian Wedding Soup-it’s out of this world!

Jodie C

I absolutely love Atlyss! On my journey of eating local and healthy, I found myself constantly overwhelmed in meal planning / prep / cook time. Atlyss takes away the pressure in all three of those areas, and, has proven to be far more affordable -time is money too - and efficient than my trips to the local farmer. Eating healthy is meant to be a lifestyle, not a diet, it should be fun, not time consuming or stressful, and that’s why I turned to Atlyss. Chef Jenny really brings all the fun and ease of healthy eating goals to life, and to your table. Atlyss also understands the importance of eating locally for good health and community support, so meals consist as of many local ingredients possible. There are staple items available weekly, ie hummus, juices, & local greens salad. Then there are primary meal options that change in flavor and style weekly. You get to pick and choose from a variety of delicious items and flavors, and there’s vegan, vegetarian, meat, single / family options on most meals.

Vickie W

Wow what a game changer! When life gets too busy to make healthy meals I'm so glad to know that Atlyss has my back. No more skipping meals or fast food drive-thru's when there is a delicious and healthy meal already in the fridge. Not to mention at very affordable prices using local ingredients and compostable containers, it's a no brainer. Thank you Jenny!

Brian W